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Hello Hive!

I recently became interested in creating a community within Hive. The underlying question was: what community can I create that is useful for personal growth and the development of new skills? And then: on what themes can I focus the field of action of the community?

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The digital world

Recently, I have participated in remote courses based on video lessons, including one organized by Google that aims to spread digital skills and to give an idea of ​​the basic tools that this giant offers within it. I learned of some rankings drawn up on the basis of digital skills and I noticed how badly my country was positioned in comparison to the other countries of the European Union. In addition, more and more often I find myself researching the tools and services that the digital landscape offers and trying to understand how these can work.
Here it is that: the idea! Nothing new, nothing original, but the desire to create a community that collects all those posts that can help users in the digital world and that are shared on the Hive blockchain.

Looking for ... a Name

Through the basic idea, I had already answered 2 questions about the project:
WHAT it was: a project represented - at an embryonic stage - by a set of posts focused on tools and services offered in the digital landscape;
HOW to get it: through the creation of a community, using the Hive blockchain in symbiosis.
It missed the WHO, the face of the project: that is, it missed a Name.

the birth banner.png

How do you give something a name?

There are many alternatives, I have focused on the identikit of the project, and on the concepts connected to it.

The zero point was the language to use for the name: I usually use English, but this time I wanted to give a patriotic touch to my idea by using my native language, Italian.

At this point, the first step: I realized that my community should have described a very heterogeneous group of topics, so the first word that came to mind was PLANET or WORLD. But world seemed to me very reductive, too banal; something even greater was needed, which encompassed the concept of Discovery. A world, as we instinctively consider it today, is something known, so I had to find something that contained the idea of ​​“yet to be discovered”, of continuous dynamism. I simply resorted to the topographical scale of magnitude. Nation-planet-galaxy-universe: here we were, UNIVERSE. Universe contains the idea of ​​progress, of many things discovered but even more things to be discovered.

Universe was fine, but it had to be connected in some way to the digital world. DIGITAL UNIVERSE? Too simple, too banal. As many consider it to be impactful, digital does not give the actual dimension of what is behind it, all the part of the language used and of interaction at the machine level of the services and tools that the digital world actually offers. However, I had a very simple second option to broaden the concept, that is to use the definition of the most elementary linguistic component of digital, the famous BINARY CODE. Here we were another time: Binary! This could be the right definition to group the tools and services of the digital world starting from the bricks that constitute it.
Convinced of my idea, I finally transcribed the full name, passing the ball to my Digitall Project for the creation of a logo and a banner identifying the project.


UNIVERSO BINARIO: what is it about?

Universo Binario is a community launched on the Hive blockchain through the interfaces from which it is possible to connect. Universo Binario was conceived to be, at least in its embryonic stage, a set of posts and users who want to share their knowledge on tools and services in the digital world. Do we want to give some examples? Ok.

The most illustrative post example category is the one of PRESENTATIONS of services or tools that can be found on the web, or TUTORIALS based on the same topics. After that, all those posts in which the user will tell their experience in detail in the use of those services or tools will be admitted for characteristics of natural contiguity. I want to underline the words IN DETAIL: the posts contained in this community aim to be able to share knowledge on tools and skills connected to them, and the passage of these skills. When asked "Is my post in line with the community?" you can answer by asking another question: "can a reader who reads my post know and learn something about how to use the (strictly digital) tools or services I am talking about?". If the answer to this question is yes, the post is in line with the community. If the answer is no, the post is not good for this project.

first steps banner.png

In a later post, I will detail the formatting that posts will need to follow. It will be mandatory to report at the end (or at the beginning) of each post the tools/services traceable in the digital world used in one's experience. The problem I posed myself was that of advertising: every person who talks about a tool/service unwittingly advertises to the supplier of that tool/service. However, since the community is based on sharing knowledge on the existence or method of use of these tools/services, avoiding advertising involves the substantial loss of basic information for the safeguarding of our principles: therefore, ok to mention any tool and/or service, as long as it does not become a too much advertising scope post.

As mentioned above, we will define in a second post all the additional formatting of limitations in using the community. Any post that is not in line with the requirements will undergo gradual warnings to the author, to end with his removal. We are sorry about this, but the community was created to make research and engagement easier for users who want to improve their skills and productivity and not as a place to post various themed posts: there are other communities that are much larger and very well rewarded with specific programs of curation for this goal.

The basic language - chosen because it is useful to ensure understanding by all - will be English: any other language and translation will be accepted, provided that the post also contains the text written in English.

We can consider this post as the introduction to the launch of Universo Binario and its Proposals. For the first 3 weeks in its life, posts concerning the only sharing of this community will also be accepted, and all of them obviously will receive an upvote - unfortunately with almost irrelevant voting power - from the account @hive-129556.

In case you want to show your goodwill, you can delegate any amount of Hive Power to @hive-129556. Here, there are some direct links to the delegation with Hivesigner.

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1000 HP - - - 2000 HP - - - 5000 HP - - - 10000 HP

50000 HP - - - 100000 HP - - - 200000 HP


Thank you for the patient listening. Greetings to all, hoping for the prompt arrival of posts from you within the community.

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