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Gente Hive here we go with love, step by step, promoting the Green Project, Casa Verde, I am really motivated because the concept of container architecture has many advantages, from the ease of designing the house, to the possibility of working the growth of the project in stages.




Other benefits of container architecture, are the construction costs, these are much lower compared to traditional construction, for the speed of execution of the project and for being a prefabricated structure, which only goes through modifications to convert it into a home and make it habitable.

Costs of the containers


While evaluating the ideal architectural design of the Casa Verde we also look at the prices of materials and containers to have an estimated budget for expenses.

As you know in Venezuela the costs are very changeable and you can see it in the next images that I will publish.

Talking to a friend who has already purchased a container, I asked her to guide me through the process of buying a container at the shipping companies and ports.

He recommended me to talk to an acquaintance, from whom he bought his container.

He sent my phone number to his friend, she called me, I told her about the project and she immediately started looking for various options.

Two days later he sent me the offers that I am sharing with you today,

3 proposals of different prices ranging from 1200$ to 2500 $

First offer

Container 40'

  • Price: 1,800$ each

  • Transportation : 200$ each

  • Total unit 2,000 $

Conditions : second hand, located in La Guaira.


Second offer

Container 40'

  • Price: 800 $each

  • Transportation : 400$ each

  • Total unit 1,200$

Conditions : second hand, without roof, located in Puerto Ordaz

These were discarded immediately, for not having a roof, since they will not be able to be piled up, it would generate an extra expense of modification, in labor and materials, for that reason the offer of 800$.


Third offer

Container 40

  • Price: 2500$ each

  • Transportation : 200$ each

  • Total unity. 2.700$

Conditions: second hand, located in Vargas

Very high offer.


These reference prices of the Container will help us to calculate the costs.

So far the best offer we received was the first one, but I still think you can get good quality for a little less, already negotiating at the time of purchase.

We will continue to look for options, as you can see the prices are very stranded, in Venezuela there is no current price regulation on building materials, so you always have to look until you find good options.

We will use as reference to calculate the prices of the Container the first offer and we will add, prices of construction of the bases, water tank, system of aqueduct, biogigestros, facilities electricity, payments of manual labor and materials, all the necessary one for acondicionamiento of the green house.

I hope that others will be encouraged to be part of the Green Project, for me it is the beginning of a possible housing solution, not only for my family, but also as a reference for others. That is why I am sharing with you step by step our experience.

I leave you the links to other Green Project publications.

If you want to contribute and donate to this project you can do so.

Thank you for reading and joining us in this adventure.


Yo quiero una casa así

Sumense hay 50 parcelas, en el encantado, la idea es que seamos mas.

Excelente propuesta!

Es un hermoso proyecto para la familia 🥰

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Hi @canadian-coconut 😊 Thanks for the support, Project Green is a family dream. It has been difficult to face due to the economic reality of Venezuela.But we are struggling to make it happen. Thk✨🥰

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