My newish phone fell in the shower and the underside speaker is bzzzzing πŸ₯³

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So, I got a new phone a couple of months ago. I had a good job, and $330 was nothing, and the phone is an absolute wonder for its price. Best I've even seen around. But as I showered... I left it in a not-so-secure place, and it plopped right onto the wet floor, under where the water was falling!


Image taken from this video's cover. My phone is the same model and color!

I worriedly turned my phone off at once, and put it outside where it was safe. I finished off, then started googling... is my phone waterproof?? Turns out, Samsung A52 is "IP-67 rated", which means it can allegedly be submerged under up to 1 meter of water, for a maximum duration of 30 minutes, and it will be safe.


I will attach the video that I watched, and the guy puts his phone in a glass of water for 10 minutes, then takes it out and listens to a video, and his speaker is okay! But mine was in like 2 mm of water, with some water falling on it, and the speaker is buzzing with music :(

However, I have hope!

I googled and found this thread on Reddit where the users there imply that the problem is common and usually fades after some time, when the phone heats up and the water evaporates. They also shared this Android app which claims to vibrate at a good rhythm to force the water out of the speakers.

And they also say that even if it's not possible to fix the problem with the speaker by drying it up and waiting some time, they are easy to replace? I notice that they are talking about the OneNote and this is a Samsung A52 which is a relatively new model and is not as popular in my country, so it might be much harder to find replacement parts in my country.

Nonetheless, while I had hope which was broken by the buzzing of the speaker, I have more hope now that I have read people's opinions on the problem, and hopefully my phone will be ready to rock & roll after a few hours inside a bowl of rice. :)) 🍚 🍚 🍚

Maybe I'll cook the rice afterward and eat it.

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the damage could also be from the fall, not from the water... you could go snorkel with that thing :D
I also have a story to tell about a Samsung device and water... I own a Gear S3 watch and it's also waterproof. When I was at the Mexican carribean and went on a snorkeling trip, I forgot to put it off, snorkeled with it. When I realized, it was still on, my first thought was "FCK!!!" because I lost a non-waterproof fitbit years ago the same way. But then I was like "well, fck it, it should sustain that". An hour and a very beautify sea turtle sighting later after I got out of the water, the watch was still working but had very strange distortions on the display. Colors missing, pixels flipping, very strange. I backed up my data, switched it off and mentalle prepared to write it off. But two days later, it was like nothing had happened. I have the watch still, two years later, and it's fine.

the damage could also be from the fall, not from the water

Yep, that's my main fear! I put it in a bowl of rice and we'll see in a couple hours if it's good to go.

And lol on that story hahah! I'm glad your watch was fine :)

I once went swimming with a mechanical watch (forgot about it till I was out), and I didn't have such a good experience. Water got inside and it was ticking but the hands didn't move. I took it to a shop and... they fixed it. Then I left it there cuz I forgot about it for so many months and now I don't even remember where the shop is. It's been like 2 or 3 years. I bet they moved shop and have it in a box in their storage, grabbing dust, or maybe they sold it, dunno. I don't even have the receipt anymore.

πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€ speaker is fixed πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€

Let us all worship and praise the God of Rice!

yay! But also worship Hun Hunahpu, the Mayan maize god (very important figure if you're gluten intolerant :P)

are you? I'm not

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