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PHOTO: Picture of all hive members here in my school.

Family, they say, are a group of people related by blood and marriage but at this point, I beg to differ because, for me, I believe that a family are a group of people related by a defined purpose.
Yesterday was my happiest day so far for this week.
Guess Why? 🤔
We had our first physical hive meetup here In my school.

PHOTO CREDIT: Another image of all hive members here in my school

PHOTO CREDIT: L-R: @chosenfingers and @starstrings01

Thanks to @starstrings01 for always being an exceptional leader. This young man not only invited us to this platform but deemed it fit to always check on our progress and encourage us to keep blogging, this is the reason for organizing a physical meeting. @starstrings01 saw the need for a hive community here In my school where every one of us gets to meet each other, support our growth and bond like no other and yesterday's meeting was the first proof of many more of this to happen.

PHOTO CREDIT: L-R: @papaye102, @monioluwa, @ijohnsen and @chosenfingers.

I had the pleasure of meeting with beautiful and great minds like @ijohnsen, @monioluwa, @heskay, @mayorkeys, @anissignature, @code-redex, @papaye102, @pianokills, @hepziba among others. We had a total of 13 people in attendance👌

The meeting was not just aimed at getting to know each other but majorly on providing solutions to individual problems faced here in hive.
Awesome, right?👌

Well, let me share with you the highlights of our meeting.


The meeting started around 1 pm at the famous motion ground here in FUNAAB. We started with a brief meet and greet session where we met one another and exchanged pleasantries.
Then @starstrings01 opened the floor with discussions on these important topics and questions;

  • Personal issues faced here on hive:
    This question was thrown at @hepziba who outlined the general problem of time management and sometimes, lack of content to write on. We all aired our views on the stated problem. I remember @ijohnsen gave us a breakdown of how he spends at least 2 hours of his day ensuring he is consistently engaging with fellow hiveans and blogging. No wonder he is a boss😃
    We all concluded that if blogging is really important to you, you will definitely need to create time from your busy schedule to drop beautiful content and engage in communities.

You will definitely create time for what matters to you.

  • sourcing of images to avoid plagiarism:
    We also discussed on the importance of sourcing images, text and other materials used to avoid plagiarism and flagged post issues.
    It's important to obey this and give credit to the rightful owner of materials used in our blog post.

  • More engagement and consistency; @starstrings01 shared with us how regular engagement and consistent quality post has helped him connect with more hiveans.
    Also, @anissignature told us of his personal experience on Engagement. He clearly outlined that he gets more audience on any post he makes after engaging with people.
    This is one part I need to work on more. I have decided to spend more time here engaging with hiveans in different communities and make new friends too.

@starstrings01 also asked us to aim higher and reach out to more communities with quality content and engagement. He shared his dream goals for the Hive Funaab community and asked us to work together and help each other grow.

We had a new member in our midst in person of @manny-uncharted. We welcomed him and gave him an explicit breakdown on how to start better. Watch out for quality content from him.

We all agreed to work meticulously in growing our school community here in Funaab by pushing ourselves daily to attain greater heights
@starstings01 crowned it up with light refreshment for everyone and we happily took pictures together.

Photo speaks...

PHOTO CREDIT: @ijohnsen
PHOTO CREDIT: L-R: @chosenfingers and @ijohnsen
PHOTO CREDIT: L-R: @heskay, @monioluwa, @ijohnsen, @chosenfingers and @starstrings01

PHOTO CREDIT: Image of some members discussing together.

I learnt a lot and I look forward to our next hive physical meetings where I'll get to meet these great friends and learn from them.
Once again, thanks to @starstrings01 for this wonderful community here in school and all my friends for showing up.
I am glad to call them my family. Much love😍

I am @chosenfingers, a young Nigerian studying mechatronics Engineering, your favourite blogger, content writer, love doctor 🤗 and friend. My main purpose here on Hive is to impact as many as possible with the right knowledge through mind-blowing, educational content.
I hope my blog reaches people far and near praying for answers.

Please don't forget to share on any platform and reblog. Much love😍


To be honest, I have known @starstrings01 to be an amazing dude and also a cheerful leader whom we could look up to but meeting in person no I haven't met him...
As far as I know he's determined and always pushing everyone, encouragement here and there, is so unfortunate that I have been equally busy and passing through some phases in life which is practically normal.
I'm happy to find my fellow Nigerians whom have been writing so far here in hive ... kudos guys!!!

Wow. All the qualities about @starstrings01 you carefully outlined are all true.
I am glad to know you are standing tall through all the phases you are going through. Please do reach out if you need someone to share with.

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement. Much love😍

Gracias I appreciate the kind gesture! I'm glad you can testify to that!......

Thank you very very much for your nice words. I really do appreciate ☺️.

Hello @chosenfingers! This is amazing you guys! 😲 Way to go @starstrings01 for initiating this one too. I mean this kind of meetups really help the newbies become better here in Hive and glad you were able to tackle on important stuffs like plagiarism and engagement!

Keep it up!

Smiles thank you very much🙏 😊… I appreciate your nice words.. Yeah the meeting was worthwhile most especially to motivate those that had given up.

Hi @indayclara thanks for your kind words. @starstrings01 is really a good leader and friend who loves to carry everyone along.
I love forward to connecting more with you, my friend. Much love😍

Your most welcome @chosenfingers! Keep it up you guys!

it's nice to see you guys doing a meetup cause its fun to engage with people you know on the internet

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Yes, my dear friend. It was really fun meeting them yesterday and I look forward to more of our physical meetings.
Thanks for your kind words. Much love😍

Wow! This is amazing.

I've always wanted to attend a meet and greet like this and talk about hive too. I'm sure y'all had a lot of fun.

Good one @starstrings01.. Hope you went with your guitar for some after party entertainment. 😅

Yes we had lots of fun and learnt a lot of things especially from @starstrings01.

You can also organize a hive meet up with friends in your community. Who knows, it might just be the start of a very big community.

Thanks for your kind words, my friend. Much love😍

@ijohnsen gave us a breakdown of how he spends at least 2 hours of his day ensuring he is consistently engaging with fellow hiveans and blogging. No wonder he is a boss😃

@ijohnsen is really a boss, he is always on my post and I appreciate him for that.

It's great you guys had a nice time.

Which university are you studying machantronic engineering?

@ijohnsen, you are very pretty 🥺🙈

Yes oo @ijohnsen is really a boss.

I am studying mechatronics engineering at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (popularly called FUNAAB)
Thanks for your nice comments though am feeling jealous already😂😂

I am studying mechatronics engineering at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (popularly called FUNAAB)

Oh that's nice. I am hearing this name for the first time, sincerely.

Thanks for your nice comments though am feeling jealous already😂😂

No, please don't be jealous 😂😂

Ohh... that's nice dear🤗
I am already jealous oo. I'll just have to ask @ijohnsen for his secrets😂

Hahaha no secret ooo

Smiles, you are just hearing the name for the first time. I can remember telling you about the course and school in one of your posts I think.

Hehehehe.... When I said this I tried to remember if you mentioned it.( That means I remembered having this conversation with you)

Probably, didn't read clearly, I was busy thinking you meant Federal University of Technology, Owerri until you said no,on Discord.

I'm learning from you @chosenfingers.
It was nice seeing you yesterday

Learning from who?🤔
Lol😂😂 I am still your boy oo please don't allow @iskafan come for my head oo😂

@chosenfingers broooooooooo hahaha

😂😂😂.... You are very funny 😂

No cap, you are a big boss already.

I learnt from the best you boss

I'm blushing.
You know have gat you always 😇😇😇

Lol, don't blush sweetheart ❤️😊

Wait, no girl hivean in your university? It's not good for boys to be alone

We have plans to work on that asap. @starstrings01 made mention of this too.
Thanks for your comment, my friend👍

You're welcome bro

I will be working towards that. What a man can do a woman can do better

Lolz. That's true. I noticed ladies are good writers

I also observed that. Maybe I will try and bring one in main time

I believe they'll be willing to accept the proposal

Very well o

Great work

Smiles, there would be lady hivean soon..

I look forward to seeing a picture of one included. Cheers 🥂

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Boss boss boss. I hail thee o. My mentor

@mayorkeys my boss at the top. I greet you too.
Thanks for imparting us with your knowledge and experience at yesterday's meeting. Much love😍

Nice write up and keep up the good work and never give up

Thanks a lot my boss @heskay.
Thanks for also sharing your wealth of knowledge at yesterday's meeting. Much love😍

Lol you are very much welcome boss.keep up the good work