Instagram increases its security.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, continuing with my publications today I will share with you all an information that I personally find interesting and that is that the social network Instagram has decided to increase its security by asking its users to take video selfies to confirm their identity.

All of us who make digital life through the different social networks, the blockchain and other technological tools, know how important it is to keep the levels of computer security high, because every day more and more unscrupulous people come to light seeking to steal either our digital assets or our personal information to then commit misdeeds. Recently, the social network Instagram has asked all its users to take a video selfie to verify the identity of the user who owns the account.

The security of the different social networks has increased due to the high rate of theft of personal information to which the user is subjected, this information that is stolen is usually used to scam other people compromising the personal security of the user. That is why it is necessary to constantly increase security levels and this measure that Instagram has just taken is one of the most important since this social network was launched. Although there are users who have expressed their disagreement with this measure, it is necessary for their own good.


Users have stated that the social network Instagram has asked them to record a video selfie in order to ensure that the user who owns the account is a real person and not fictitious, all this that this important social network has decided to implement is for the safety of users and so they have said through their internal media of the social network. Undoubtedly this is a big step towards what should really be computer security, although there is still a long way to go.

In the same way Instagram announced that this security measure has been implemented for more than a year but they had never seen the need to apply it on a large scale within the millions of users they have, as mentioned above this measure is strengthened due to the theft of personal information from user profiles to make scams. Instagram today is well positioned within the group of the most used social networks at the present time.

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