Google is a victim of hackers.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this important community, continuing with my publications today I will share with you a news of relevance and is that google accounts were hacked for cryptocurrency scams, this was announced by Google executives in social networks.

Recently google cloud accounts were hacked by hackers in order to be used to mine cryptocurrencies and defraud users, as we all know there are more and more attacks that different digital platforms suffer by hackers seeking to obtain any benefit either through the data of the account owner or their digital economic resources. Google is one of the main companies that offers cloud services to protect important information and resources of users.

Google's cybersecurity services have recently published a statement where they state the attack they have suffered and what was the purpose of it, those responsible for security conducted the analysis of the documents affected by the threats against cloud services, where the results showed that 50 accounts were attacked for being viable for mining cryptocurrencies, currently there are many users who use google accounts to mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud and thus be able to obtain economic gains.


86% of the affected accounts were used to defraud users who are dedicated to mining, google security services detected that they discovered malicious actors who were dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies in the google cloud, as we all know, mining cryptocurrencies requires a lot of technological resources that make the services overloaded. This situation affected the google servers and affected the accounts of the users that hackers were able to vulnerate.

Undoubtedly more and more we are victims of people who are dedicated to steal information and resources from the different accounts and wallets that we have digitally, which is why we must be more vigilant than ever to any situation that puts our resources at risk. And the companies that offer us these services must invest more economic resources in the security of their digital platforms to avoid these inconveniences that affect their good performance and security.

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While I feel sorry for people who lost resources in this hack, I hope that the hack gets businesses to start questioning the faith that they placed in "The Cloud." The term "the cloud" just means shared computer resources. Cloud technology obfuscates the computer resources. People who depend on cloud technology are apt to find themselves sharing resources with people out to do wrong.

Hopefully, people wake up some day and realize that it is better to just rent computer equipment that they can control than to depend on third party "cloud resources."