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RE: 3D Printed Flowerpot

in GEMS4 months ago

nice dude, im currently working on the ender pro 3, i assembled it, but i messed up the z axix i believe in tightening it so the level is off, which is annoying -.-

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Hey, thanks @brutalmonkey! Are you able to print with it at all yet or are you still working out the assembly?
I have an Ender 3 V2, which I think is pretty identical with the frame, if I can help in any way I surely will!

What's the current situation with your printer as far as its functionality status?

Yes I have the assembly done, it can print I have everything set up as its suppose to, but I cant balance the machine right even with the 4 knobs underneath still a huge gap from the board to the nail

Hey, thanks for explaining!

It sounds like perhaps your Z-limiter switch is not placed correctly, because even with your machine out of square, the nozzle should still reach the bed.

"Huge gap" is hard to gauge, but if your nozzle is extruding clearly away from the bed and you are unable to easily adjust bed level, this sounds like an improper Z-limiter placement.

I hope this helps, and hopefully your machine is not out of square, these are pre-machined holes and if your machine is out of square then it's likely a manufacturer defect and I would personally contact Ender support if this is the case.

I hope this is helpful :)

well thanks for your input.

It's a pleasure, please keep me updated, I am hopeful that everything works out with your 3D printing experience.