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RE: What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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I have not clear yet what the best way to go is, I hate the trending and hot channels and agree that content creators can maybe be the solution but it’s a hard nut to crack


I know, its not easy. But what Steem and HIVE told me last 4 years that an all-content-network doesn't work. I come across to many people (even those with good content) saying they took time off because their posts didn't got traction (meaning: no rewards). And project owners dont seem to learn and dont seem to want to learn and have respect for what we have here. Like the RisingStar game people. Recently, they added a feature in the game with a default message and let players post a DBuzz with a click.... Many of these spam messages now on chain, messages with all the same content stating something to the lines of "I played blahblah" and then a link to their profile or something. And when I approach them, they play dumb.

What is clear to me, a blogging service, an insta like service, a twitter like service shall not eat from the same reward pool. I also learned, many auto voters never (or rarely) review what they vote for, ie users having nice auto voting rewards, abusing HIVE. I come across too many users who think they can just recycle their content and its all good, because this is common in all the well known social media. But thats just their excuse of ripping the reward pool.

In the end, all these problems causes:

  1. serious bloggers adding cool value to the network, leaving
  2. a network of 'stupid' low to no value content remains
  3. the market is not regarding HIVE as a valuable token as a result

The later is the logical result of the former two points. And because of point 2, its almost impossible to bring exisiting communities, news services or whatever information service to HIVE.

I'm in favour of bringing eg De Correspondent to HIVE, and hate to see these guys had to drop the English version due to low uptake. But maybe when they can reward their commentors and members with their own token and give some perks to them (like a loyalty program), they may be interested to use the HIVE chain in one or the other way. Since the founders and C-level people at De Correspondent are people who want to drive change, and do not shy away from tech, they may be just the right party to get involved with blockchains. And why not HIVE? I still want to approach them, but I think I'll have to wait until at least the next HF. Other soultion would be to bring De Correspondent to KOINOS or another chain.

I believe we shall create a vision and create a culture that will fit this vision. At the moment we have nothing. No vision, no respectful culture, nothing. That sadness me a lot. Almost 5 years down the road and still struggling as if it was day one and two of the service. Decentralisation is nice, but it also leads to total chaos and I believe too many people including those with large stakes, or careless (not all, some are super, but many are not), leave the work to others, and take whatever they can take. Not much of a community in that respect 😕

Take this post as an example. It gets a bit of attention, and has some nice discussions, but nobody with some solid stake in HIVE, says anything, while some of them voted for this post. Maybe they take the information at heart and do something with it, but I don't count on that.

Anyways, I still see potential, a lot of potential and I stilll find energy to voice what I want to voice and try to get more people to care and even to try and convince larger stakeholders to acre as well as thinking of ways to get professional companies insterested in using HIVE. And as long as I have this energy, I'll continue 🎶🍷🙃

So much to answer to :

Auto vote I am a manual kinda girl, I always want to see and read ( or scan ) the blog I am voting for bot up and downvoting because some deserve a big one.

Almost 5 years down the road but only 9 months in het nieuwe jasje. There is much that is possible to change or upgrade but like you said the people who can don’t acknowledge or read the want who will don’t have enough stake.

For now I will stick to try to help where I can and blog daily for fun and more than I would on two other very loved socials. And I wish I could do more , maybe I need to spar een beetje meer met jou ahahhaha as long as I have the energy

Hahaha, yah, I tend to write long from content when it concerns a topic that is close to my heart... And I just pointed out a very few things hahahaha

Great you are manual type a curator, same here, absolutely 🤪

Anytime you like to run something by, or brainstorm, am available... Well not anytime available, but I
l'll make time to have such discussions and talks.

Well and the sad thing is that it’s so sad when you write a great researched and full hearted blog and where you press publish with pride, it get 1.17 as appreciation. And if that is ok with you than the fact nothing happens and the votes of the persons that can help are there but all stays the same that sucks so much. But I agree when it are things dear to the hart it needs to be spoken of Although many have been slaughtered for having a changing and opening eyes opinion

True, hence I try to get to the larger/large stakeholders. Usually through direct channels, not through HIVE. So far no luck, some respond, but when they figure I want serious change and serious commitment, then so far they all say: "Owww, I have other projects in the works". Am talking about witness for instance, those in the top 20. I don't see too many of these witnesses creating something super cool. Some do, most do not, at least not that I'm aware of. Hence my previous statement: Either HIVE with the next HF moves away from HIVE based reward system and implement everything on second layer, or diversion to other chains... That is what I'm looking at since what I like to spend my time on, is to get 'traditional' services with or without social elements to start using blockchains for the social element, point system, campaign system amongst others. This can be HIVE, but can also be another chain. Verizon in the USA decided to publish their press releases on chain: You know which one? Ethereum! NIce and all, but the HIVE chain is much better to support them, from technical perspective; But not from community perspective. Decrypt is launching a beta test with reward based comments (reminder to self: accept invite and test): Could've been HIVE, but its not. Very few people at HIVE seems to understand what it takes to onboard none-HIVE services {rant rant rant... I stop... hahahaha}


I'll see how serious time I'm gonna spend next half year on this topic. When serious enough, then I'll be going around crypto space to find a suitable chain :)

Brainstormen kan gewoon in Nederland hahahaha

Hahahaaha Yah ... Maar stel wel voor dat op bv Discord te doen of zo 🎶

In het Nederlands op discord hahahah