Learn 5 surprising tips for iPhone photography

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Hey Hivens!
If you just bought a new iPhone or you've been owning one for a while now and you want to step up your mobile photography game, here are five surprising tips that you may have never heard of.


The first tip that I'm going to share with you guys is actually using theVolume Up button to take a photo. We're all used to opening up the Camera app and pressing the gigantic big white button on top, but sometimes that introduces camera shake, so using the Volume Up button actually reduces all that shake. Plus, sometimes we are eating and we don't have two clean hands, so you can just do it one-handed just like this instead of holding it at the bottom like this where it's less stable. Your dad, mom, uncle, and auntie might appreciate it as well, to be able to hold their camera just like this, like the old point-and-shoots and just take a picture like this instead of letting go of one hand and start pressing on the screen.

The second tip that I have for you guys is being able to change the exposure on your photos.Just like this video right now it's a little bit too bright and we kind of want to darken that image for more accurate colors, for more accurate exposure. Wouldn't you want to do thaton your iPhone as well? And you can. Sometimes we are taking a photo on our phone and it looks too bright, because the iPhones typically do that. So hold your finger down on the screen until a yellow box pops around and says AE/AF lock, and then you can slide up and down with your finger with the little sun icon that pops up, that allows you to brighten the image or darken the image to your liking.

The third surprising tip is for when we try to take a picture like this — we've all been there, at the lunch table or photographing our shoes, or just a nice lay flat of equipment on our table — when you tip your phone over like this, your iPhone will start to show a white plus and a yellow plus. When you line those two things up, that's when it'll indicate like "hey,your phone is actually flat above the surface you're trying to photograph" instead of being tipped forward a little bit too much like this,or tipped forward just like this. We don't really know, but lining up those two icons will tell you.

4th tip: A cool composition that you can use to boost your iPhone photography is using reflections. It could be an old iPhone, it could be a mirror or even a puddle of water. So the point of this is to kind of create a cool little effect of reflecting the image that you are photographing. I like to use the telephoto lens, or the two times lens, on my iPhone because it's a little bit tighter and it creates a really interesting photo.

The last tip that i'm going to share with you guys is also a composition technique, and that is to have negative space. Negative space is just having empty intentional space in your frame or in your photo to allow your picture to breathe. We're all used to such crowded photos, such crowded lifestyles, so having a little bit more sky in your photo by pointing a little bit higher or having more blank space in your photograph allows for your photo to be more intentional and clean.

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