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RE: What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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I like given ideas but am not optimistic about their success. Why? Because of the human nature ofc :) Where ever money is involved it will have some influence on choosing our actions. Quality of the content is relative; I think that good content is one with which I can learn new things or at least entertain myself but some people think Instagram-like content is better. Further, what you propose takes time and effort, to make content, to search through given, to engage in groups, to be interactive. More people, more content, more time, less those prepared to search through it; unlike fb where you have 1000+ but algorithm decides for you what you will see in news feed and makes it much easier. I can give me as an example, my posts not very visible and just few followers, I do not engage enough (my time has another priorities), even those upvotes that sometimes hit over 300 are mostly delegated votes.
Talking about awareness, learning, critical thinking...majority of people do not want that even if they say they do. Humans want it all, smooth and easy; if only that all can come without any effort. Actually, the most effort people put in trying to prove their point of view, justifications of their believes; if that much effort is put in open minded exploration and self-education, we would have much less Flatearthers :) and people who are doing this . Now you may argue that these are extremes, Hive has different social structure...but we should have in mind how many people produce and follow this kind of content on soc med, why scientific channels have much less views and subscribers that random persons and influencers...if not algorithm biased, search will always be human biased.
I can speak from experience, even when you have young people which are more prone to change, it is veeery hard to motivate them for education; meaningful learning requires proactivity and humans are, in digital era, even more into reception.
Freedom of speech is two-sided blade; we live in post truth era where people are not just entitled for their own opinion but so many proclaim it as the truth.


Money: sure, where money is, users may adapt their behaviours. We see this at HIVE a lot. But we also make it so easy for people to be with HIVE for the money. Everything is around rewards: trending/hot channels, default auto sort comments on rewards, default community channel sort on rewards (trending). I think we have the opportunity to move away from this by implementing other type of channels in our UIs where default sorting will not be on rewards, but on other parameters (maybe we need to come up with some of these parameters first).

awareness, learning, critical thinking

This is the opportunity for HIVE. blogging service. Such blogging service may not be for everybody, but thats ok. HIVE will not be able to handle 500 Million, or a Billion subscribers anyway. It can never and should never become the next Facebook or something like that in terms of reach. HIVE blogging doesn't have to be for everyone who likes to be part of a digital community. Due to the nature of the whole system (incl long form blogging, the culture with quite a few users (incl those with power) to support 'quality', the rewards) it may serve a social network for information sharing and discussions rather than trying to be a network for any type of content and any type of user. I certainly believe different types of social networks (blog, photo share like Insta, one-liners like Twitter) in crypto space, shall have its own token which shall not be shared between the services.

Added to that: I realise what most people do not beling to the category of seeking 'awareness, learning, critical thinking', but here is another opportunity for HIVE. Within our community we have a large group of anarchist, or people with anarchitic worldview. A worldview of total freedom. For this decentralisation of authority is required. And this requires critical thinkers (sceptics if you will) at least a substancial amount of them. We have the opportunity to onboard all of them to HIVE.

The Syllabus is an example how content can be tailormade.

In case we don't 'create' enough sceptics in our physical world, then I believe we don't want to live in our future anymore. Without a critical mass in society to drive real changes that are required to deal with technologies such as AI, VR, and biotech, the world will be run by corporates taking the position of government. You can say: many people who think differently, as we've also seen in 2020 around the topic of covid19. But nothing will change because a whole bunch of ignaorant people are claiming the government is in error, shadow governments will take over and all of that. When people talk BS, in the end nothing real will come out of their actions.

Hive might not be for everyone but it is for everyone, I.d say, based on wandering around groups and profiles. When I was listening about Hive from a friend that "dragged" me here, I imagined it very similar to your description, somewhat idealistic. After getting to know Hive community closer, unfortunately, I was disappointed that is actually very similar to other soc med. I might be wrong but seems that there are two fractions here, one that advocates massification (more ppl, more content, more attention, more money) and other more progressive and more idealistic (and majority is going with the flow).
Anyway, what ever scenario, Bell curve distribution should be on mind since it is a tool for good predictions of people.s behavior. Now to connect with critical mass, only around 2% (strictly speaking) or 20% are those who are beyond average on certain characteristic; that is why is so hard to gather critical mass for (almost) any kind of change. It is not about intelligence or education, just sets of personal characteristics combined in a way that makes very hard for people to 1) accept necessity of change 2) makes it one of their priorities. So, what we have in so many cases are soc med "revolutions" but when it comes to taking that to RL ooops. Further, even if they end up with concrete actions, usually not enough support, media spins or invisibility. In my country we had that so many times, that people stopped believing in anything. Which is actually the point of corrupted leaders, disorientation and fogging so you eventually redirect your energy to something else...When takeover happened on Steem, people who wanted "packed their suitcases" and came here; IRL leaving your country and start over somewhere else is so much harder...
Can.t quote it all, basically agree with what you said :)

Great comment. And you are right in all you've said. In a decentralised world, this becomes a major problem though. We need change, over and over again until it shows some forms of success.

HIVE is for quite some users still a startup, a project in the making. If that is the case: Then we need to lead it that way. Any startup in our world is lead by a visionary, by more or less dictatorship. The herd will follow, and those who don't, are left behind. But what we did with HIVE, is to break loose of that one dictator we had. Ok, it was a dictator without vision and propper goals, so better to have left them behind. But now we are facing a complete decentralised ecosystem. Fortunately, a team around Blocktrades is created to work on the core chain and most users in the community including the large stakeholders seem to accept this. Good!

I, however, do miss solid vision from him and the team as well. At the same time, I do not see we are experimenting. That's another characteristic of a startup company. When something doesn't work, change it immediately and try again. When that also doesn't work, rethink and try something else. All in short cycles. To me, this is all so obvious. To many in the HIVE ecosystem, this knowledge seems to be completely new, they don't seem to have the proper business skills, and its d*rn hard to convince them to get into discussions with those who have these skills and experiences. {rant rant rant.... hahahaha}