Corporate companies have started using Linux

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Linux is not a new operating system but one of the most used operating systems all over the world after Microsoft. There are many different operating systems built using Linux as the platform however some of them were not very easy for common home use or corporate use. But things have been changing. Government offices, banks, corporate companies, and many other places are not replacing their operating systems with Linux.



Why is Linux better?

It will not be good if I say that windows or anything other than Linux is not good. That is not true because we still rely on other operating systems for many reasons. But I'm going to just say how Linux is better and how it is useful compared to the other operating system. It also provides wide opportunities for people to explore Linux instead of paying so much on other operating systems and their dependent software.

Let's take windows for comparison. Even till today windows are the most used operating system and is very common. Compared to windows even though there are many Linux based operating systems that give the same look and feel and are robust and efficient than Linux, people still prefer to use Windows because they are used to it. We have to keep in mind that Linux is open source and can be modified as per our requirement and that is one of the reasons why we see many operating systems with Linux.



The next main reason why Linux is better is that it is cost-effective. In most of the banks and government companies, it is enough if there is a facility to run their software alone. A full functional operating system may not be required. That is where Linux comes to big use. The software companies that provide software for these government offices, banks, and corporate companies use Linux operating system as a base and create a custom operating system that will run only the web browser and nothing else. When the users try to log in, they would see only the browser and they can directly connect to their company's application or bank application without a need to connect to anything else.

Corporate companies using Linux

Today with the lockdown situation, providing desktops to all the employees can be a challenging activity. Most of the companies now provide a compact desktop system that would just run a basic Linux system with just a browser. The employees then connect to their company's network with the help of Citrix. This makes the connection more secure and also provides enough data security to work from home. From the company perspective, this also becomes a cost-effective solution for them because they don't have to pay for the operating system license anymore as all the employees would be connecting just to one powerful machine using Citrix.



This has always been there even in the past but today with the lockdown situation, I'm able to see that many companies have now started using this as a solution. They don't have to spend so much on the hardware now and provide their employees with the hardware. This will also help in maintaining the data centers in just one or two locations. This can also be said as a good usage of cloud systems where the data or the actual virtual machine would be in some other location but the employees would just use the capabilities of the internet and browser to just connect to them.

Seeing these transformations from windows based system to Linux, there is a high possibility that Microsoft can also soon introduce something that would solve this purpose and be a good selling point for the company. In the competitive world, Microsoft is a company that always stays in the competition and comes up with great innovations making the life of people easier.

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Exactly, You can see the slow shift towards the Linux.
Even the general public nowadays are opting for Linux based systems. And the reasons are obvious.
MS is busy with the security patchwork and is getting expensive.

And I think I made the right choice in moving towards the Linux machine. :-)

oh that's great I am using virtual machine to learn more and more about the linux I am using kali linux, I will make that my permanent after maybe after few months or I will have a dual boot system.

Howz your experience with Kali Linux? I heard that if you are migrating from windows to Linux the best option is linuxmint.

Have you ever tried that?!!

it feels great the gui interface is way more better then Windows. ok I have heard a lot about this os I will give this one a try for sure

I have used Ubuntu a lot and there is also a good GUI version of Ubuntu called Ubuntu mate. It comes as ISO which we can install from a bootable pen drive. We can also directly use it from the pendrive itself.

ya I have used Ubuntu many times, Yes I have tried the pen drive bootable OS many times. Why there is no option for Windows live boot ??

That's nice. There is something called WSL 2 now that was recently released and that lets us use Linux within windows or alongside windows. You can check that out.

thanks bade bhai I will try this all things in weekend and share it If I did 😋⁦✌️⁩

Cool bro. 👍

Yes even common people like us will slowly start switching to Linux soon I guess. And maybe that is one of the reasons why Microsoft is trying to bring Linux in windows itself. Ya microsoft products are getting expensive but they are also equally competent even though there are open source alternatives available.

I now know why Window still exists. Hahaha

Ha ha ha. But this is definitely not the right way to learn it. 😀

this is a great an informative post big brother, I have read in a article Few months ago that microsoft will soon launch a mix up OS that will a combination of windows + Linux. Have you heard about this anywhere.

and one more thing is the browser brave is safe?

Yes the Microsoft and Linux combination is already available. We already get options to have Linux inside Windows 10 as an integrated thing.

Ya about Brave browser, it is a lot secure than other browsers as it blocks most of the ads. Other than that it gives a good earning opportunity. I easily get 5 to 10$ per month for just browsing. You can use it for both desktop as well as mobile.

PS: If you are planning to use it, please use my referral. You can find that in the footer of my posts. 😀

ok I am not been with the news I think I miss a lot of things.

ok big brother sure I am going to use this browser and don't worry I will use you referral also atleast this little I can do for you.👍 😋 🍻

Today I wrote a post about this browser. Just for you and for people who asked me about this browser. Do check it out. It will give you some idea.

thanks and sorry haven't checked that post yet but I will read it soon ⁦✌️⁩😆😋

Cool bro. 👍

I love Linux, I use it exclusively. I tried it the first time 20 years ago. I use it professionally since 7 years. I'm more productive with a Linux workstation.

People who buy Windows for schools and government computers should be sued.

Ha ha ha. Ya they are just ignorant to use windows. Many companies pay so much for their windows operating system and windows products. But good thing is that it is changing gradually. Many schools and colleges have started to explore linux options. !BEER

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