The OnePlus Gimmick

in GEMSlast month


We all know that the brand new OnePlus Device which is about to be launched and it's going to be from their T Series lineup and is going to be the OnePlus 8T. I love OnePlus so I am excited to check out what they bring to this new device. Obviously it's going to be a Flagship Processor with a Buttery smooth Display but what I am even more interested in the price point. I am looking for a new Smartphone so if this OnePlus 8T comes at a nice price point I might just pick it up.

But today I want to talk about the fact that the price of OnePlus 8T was kind of leaked on Amazon Germany website and usually I would be grateful for that but OnePlus has pulled such stunts/marketing gimmick before so I am not sure of this. Usually, such stunts are done so that people have high expectations of the Device and wait before buying any other device as you saw that the price of OnePlus is cheaper. So yeah if you are going to fall for such gimmicks then be my guest.