The Monopoly of Google on Playstore

in GEMS7 months ago


When it comes to Smartphones almost the entire world is run by two companies with their own App stores. On one hand, we have Apple's App Store while on the other end we have Google's Playstore. This kind of makes a Duopoly system when it comes to the development of any Apps and it is very bad. But do you know what is even worse than a Duopoly, it's a Monopoly and that is what you see in India.
India has a very minute portion of people using iOS which basically gives Google's Playstore a Monopoly over any App. This is bad and has already shown its fangs when an App was just downright banned from their Playstore without any warning. Paytm which is a payments app in India was banned and kicked off the Playstore for apparently failing to adhere to their Terms and Services which was crazy to begin with and even though they were put back on Playstore the question always lingered...

Who's Next?

So yeah I feel like it is high time that a competing third-party App Store should be born so that these two tech giants don't turn the Tech sphere into a dictatorship.