The Launch of GoPro Hero 9 Black

in GEMS8 months ago


GoPro just launched their brand new GoPro Hero 9 Black in India a few days back and I have to say I am quite disappointed with it. Yes, it did bring a lot of awesome features to their new model like the front screen, 5K Recording, and many more but the one thing that was quite important was the pricing and they kinda fell behind on that. The price of GoPro Hero 9 Black is almost 50000 INR which is approximately 650 USD which is a lot of I may add. At that price point we can go for a decent DSLR Camera or a Flagship Smartphone so buying an Action Camera just doesn't feel the right decision to me.

I would much rather buy a DSLR at that price point. But on the flip side, I do know why the price has increased so significantly and it's due to Taxes in India. But still hitting the 50000 INR mark just sounds a bit over the line, if the price would have been 45000 INR I would have most definitely thought about it. Especially since you can buy the GoPro Hero 8 at around 30000 INR brand new and almost about 20000 INR in the Used market. So even though the GoPro Hero 9 Black brings a lot of useful features to the game the price just isn't right according to me. They should have priced it a little aggressively considering DJI might drop their new Action Camera soon.