The Craziest Deal of the Big Billion Day Sale

in GEMS7 months ago


Have you seen any deal that is as crazy as this one right here? Yes, tomorrow the LG G8 X which is a Flagship Smartphone is going to go on sale with a 71% Flat discount. That brings the price of the smartphone to just a sigh of 20000 INR. This is most definitely a Flagship Smartphone with top of the line specs like the Snapdragon 855 with Foldable Screens and a pretty decent Camera.

But doesn't this Deal sound too good to be true?

It's because it is actually a Marketing gimmick. Flipkart is just trying to create some hype for their sale tomorrow and if I am correct this Smartphone will most probably be Sold Out in a couple of Minutes. They probably have like 300 devices for this sale and I can say this for sure there are more than 300 people waiting to buy this smartphone. So most of them are not going to get to buy this smartphone so what they will do is buy another Smartphone which they kept as a backup choice and utilize the sale. So yeah I am quite sure that this is indeed a Marketing Scheme from Flipkart to create hype around their Smartphone Segment.