The 5G Timeline for India

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Recently there has been a slight flood of 5G Smartphones that are being launched in India and since it's 5G the smartphones are coming at a slightly premium price as the Modem is different. I get that and I appreciate a little future-proofing of my gadgets but it seems a lot of Tech Youtubers are calling these Smartphones a waste of money as they feel like 5G will still take a couple more years to come in India.

I feel they are wrong about that!

I feel like 5G will be available in India in like Q2-Q3 2021 and I know I might be wrong but I feel like 5G will arrive in India way earlier than people think. I don't know any insider information but I just have a feeling that Reliance JIO might be the one that brings it to us in India.
Now even though I feel like 5G will be available in India in like Q2-Q3 2021 it doesn't mean that it will be available all over India as 5G will definitely be a slow rollout and it could take another 3-5 months more for proper roll out all over India. I certainly hope I am true as I am really looking forward to some SPEED.



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5G is the frequency they use in warfare and crowd control. I bet cancer rates will skyrocket when there is that frequency around you all day long 24/7.