Samsung F Series

in GEMS8 months ago


This news that I just got is a little crazy as I feel like Samsung already has a lot of Series in their Lineup which includes the Flagship Galaxy and Note Series as well as the M and A Series but now it seems Samsung is going to come out with yet another Midranger which would be named as the F Series.
The reason I am worried about this is that Samsung already has a lot of Series devices on its plate and adding more devices might not be a good idea. We already witnessed the blunder they did with the S20 Smartphones which in my opinion is nowhere close to its value as per my opinion. I would have much rather hoped Samsung downsized their Series a little to provide quality products which they used to give in the earlier days.

Truth be told Samsung is turning more and more to Xiaomi as to how they launch devices. There is hardly any excitement for a new release of smartphones as we know a new one would be on the horizon after this launch so there is no point in the hype.