My Dad's New Smartphone

in GEMS7 months ago


My dad has been using an Old Smartphone like forever and one of the main reasons for that is the fact that my Dad is very clumsy when it comes to Smartphones. He has dropped a few phones in the road, a few on the water, and one on a bucket of Diesel as well. So yeah we have lost a few smartphones thanks to such accidents. So we decided that it was better to give my Dad a Budget Smartphone that gets the job done. But the problem with Budget Smartphone is that it gets very slow after a certain period of time.


So I just went ahead and bought the brand new Samsung Galaxy M31s which is a beast when comes to battery backup and has got other sweet features like the Single Take Camera and Infinity O Display. Now truth be told I bought this Smartphone for my Dad but at the same time for me as well as I wanted to test how the speed of the smartphone was and if everything was good I would have ordered another one for me as well. But even though the phone is good it's just not fast enough for me so I guess I will have to wait for a new Smartphone to Launch. In the meanwhile, my Dad will be enjoying his Brand New Smartphone.



Nice phone...I got m31 and quite impressed with the performance...