Is Vodafone Idea Duping Us?

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I am a long time user of Vodafone which used to be called Hutch and now its Vi after it's merger with Idea so I can say this for sure that the Service Vodafone-Idea is currently providing to their users at least in my locality is absolute shit. Data speeds are at an all-time low and if that was the only case I might not have made this post but the calls have been bad and I mean really bad. It takes me like 3-4 tries to get a proper connection to the person I want to talk to and that is really not a pleasant feeling to have. Trust me I have felt this a more than a couple times where I get so pissed that the calls aren't getting through that I almost threw my Smartphone. So its suffice to say the Vi Network is not good right now so what is the reason behind this sudden change.


I don't know if I am completely right on this but Vi might be launching their Premium Packs later this year which apparently comes with Higher Data Speeds and a lot of other benefits. This really feels like they deliberately lowered the data speeds and call connections so that their Premium Plans appeal to the public more. It's just my opinion and I may be wrong about this but this wouldn't be the first time a company does something like this to get something out of their Consumers. So yeah I am really thinking about moving out of Vi network after being in it for like 10+ years.


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