GoPro 9 Might come Sooner than Expected

in GEMS2 months ago


It seems for all the adventurous people that want to record their adventures GoPro might be bringing their brand new GoPro 9 to the market. Even though it hasn't been officially confirmed yet but leakers have told us that it may arrive as soon as late September or Early October. As of right now the only leak that seems to come out about the New GoPro Hero 9 is that it might be supporting a front screen for vloggers. This really makes me excited for the new model as I feel like GoPro might be trying to find the sweet spot between recording adventurous clips and recording Vlogs. That way they can capture another chunk of the market that was not tapped by them.


Another thing that needs to be considered is that at what price point the device is going to be launched. Personally I feel like if the price is over 500 USD then it might be a tough sell for a lot of guys. The reason I am telling this is because of GST in India because of which almost all products especially Electronics have had their prices increased. So yeah I might be interested in this if the price is below 500 USD but if it's over the limit then I might have to reconsider what I wanna do.



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