Get your Deliveries Via Drones

in GEMS2 months ago


It could be very soon when you might be getting your Amazon Deliveries via Drones and although this can be made possible only for the US as of right now I am hopeful that once Amazon gets some results out of their Drone Program they will obviously branch out to other Countries. Now whether this Delivery via Drones is a viable option or not is something that is still debatable.

If you ask me I can say that I believe that there is definitely going to be a learning curve to this whole Drone Delivery and it's going to be a long time since it is made available for everyone. Plus Amazon just got the patents so they may also take a safety-first approach for this. I also have a conflicting opinion of this Drone Deliveries as that would most definitely take out a lot of Jobs at Amazon so yeah on one hand I would love to see the new Delivery System in action but in the other hand, I also don't want the people to lose their jobs because of that.