Apple may be forced to Change their Taxes

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Apple charges a huge fee for every transaction of every app that goes through its App Store which is about 30%. Recently Epic Games came out as the guy who had enough of this suppression and kind of declared war on Apple and Facebook kind of joined the fray as it was a good opportunity for them. But even after all this pressure, Apple wasn't budging at all but now it seems Russia is on board with the Idea of Epic Games, and all of a sudden there might be a problem for Apple.
Russia is a world superpower and an entire country thinking that Apple Taxes should be lowered should definitely put a significant amount of pressure on Apple. But on another hand, we also don't know the amount of revenue generated by Apple from Russia so I feel like there will definitely be a lot of deliberations in the Apple HQ about what to do and what not to do.


Personally I feel like Apple won't budge at all because if they lower their fees for every App on their App Store I am pretty sure they will be losing more money than what they are currently making from Russia. Plus there is also the added clause of adding competing Stores on Apple Devices as well so that will definitely be bad for Apple. So whatever the reply is from Apple I believe things are definitely going to get interesting.



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