4G or 5G

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So today let's discuss what you should buy if you are looking to buy a Smartphone in India right now. As of right now, we are going to have the biggest sale in India on Flipkart and Amazon so this is a time of the year when a lot of people look to upgrade their Smartphones. So the question is

What should you Buy?

You can have a huge catalog if 4G smartphones to buy or you can go for a minimalist catalog of 5G smartphones. But if you ask me then you should look to get a 5G smartphone rather than a 4G one. The reason for this is pretty simple, you should also look into Future-Proofing your Smartphone rather than just specs as 5G is not far away, and once 5G arrives a whole new Catalogue of Smartphone is going to be launched which will have some specs that you will really miss out on if you buy a 4G smartphone right now. It's all in the timing and I believe it is time for me to buy a 5G smartphone and then 1 Year down the line or say like 1.5 years down the line I can buy a new one as at that point in time we can find more feature-rich 5G Smartphones.



Who doesn't want to have a 5G smartphone!!
By the way, who are annually changing their smartphone, they don't need to worry much as they can buy the desired 5G whenever available. But those who can't afford a yearly renewal of smartphone (due to financial issues), they need to wait and see and save money for a good configuration 5G smartphone