Some considerations on healthy eating.

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Dear readers, food from my perspective is based on the consumption of foods that provide certain nutrients to maintain an efficient way our body, despite having clear these appreciations, there are also some foods that when consumed in excess can cause some alterations in our bodies and are known as junk food in some parts of the world, including some drinks and food that many of us love as hamburgers, pizzas, tequeños, which contains large amounts of fat, calories and sugars that can cause great damage to our body.

Image alluding to junk food

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It is important for each person to keep in mind that at some point in their life they can consume certain amounts of this type of food, but with responsibility and control over their consumption, because if people become addicted it could be detrimental to their health, causing the presence of some pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, circulation problems, among others.

In this same sense, Oliva (2013) established that junk food is defined as those foods of low nutritional value, with high sugar, flour or fat content, such as snacks, soft drinks, pastries, sweets or refined cereals, since fast foods become harmful when they become a habit, since their excess causes an excess of energy, favoring or promoting an increase in body weight.

According to the author, it can be said that junk food causes certain damage to a person's health regardless of his or her age, since, according to some specialists, there have been reports of children and adolescents suffering from heart problems, diabetes or obesity.

Image alluding to obesity

Image design @amestyj, with public domain image taken from Pixabay

For this reason, it is important to have a healthy diet from childhood, so that the body can receive the amount of nutrients it needs and thus avoid an eating disorder that can cause great harm and in some cases even death.

In summary, it is important that each person is responsible when consuming certain foods that contain large amounts of fats or sugars, since, in this way he/she will take care of his/her health, it is necessary to consume foods that contain important nutritional elements such as protein, carbohydrates, water in others, as long as there is a responsible and balanced consumption.

Bibliographic references
Oliva O. (2013). Fast food consumption and obesity, the power of good nutrition on health. Mexico


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