Did you check New Mention Suggestions Feature added on PeakD -IAAC#227

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Hello Everyone,

This is my day 227 submission for I am alive challenge by @ flaxz and I am glad to participate in this wonderful program.

Today in this video I have talk about new functionality added on the hive frontend Peaks.com and it's quite helpful. While writing post we normally mention users and now this will suggest which helps us to pick the users easily. Earlier it was bit complicated to mention the correct account because we cannot remember the name exactly but not anymore as now we have suggestions added in to this and it helps a lot.

I have come a long way with this wonderful challenge through over 200 days and I am happy to see that people are participating everyday to mark their presence on this Iamalivechallenge

Thank you so much.

Have a great day

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Although I am using mostly @ecency front-end to browse the hive blockchain, I do visit peakd.com time to time. However, the new feature is definitely a nice addition to the peakd, and the users, who are using it will have great benefit from the feature, I guess.

How about the chat feature in peakd? Is that fully functional? I sent messages to a few users but didn't get reply except from one user only. It seems either users are not using that chat feature or it is not yet functional.

Have a wonderful day.