Central ideas for developing research on organizational culture

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Greetings, with this article I will be orienting the central theme addressed on organizational culture to present some useful ideas when deciding to conduct a research on Organizational Culture, by considering general aspects, the variables under study, quantitative or qualitative values, which can be described, analyzed, manipulated or controlled.

The development of field studies are vital to assess organizational culture (Pixabay)

Thematic development

The first element to consider is related to the methodology, to be clear about what is a dependent and independent variable, basically the variables are a concrete expression of the content to be developed and are constituted by all the elements that are intertwined around the object or fact that is the subject of the research.

In the case of the independent variable, this type of variable is known as (cause), since it generates a variation in other variables, in this case, to conduct a research that aims to know the organizational relationships in the cultural, the independent variable corresponds then to the Organizational Culture.

On the other hand, focus and determine what will be our dependent variables, I understand that this type of variables are those variables that are part of the consequences of or depend on the predecessor variables. (effect), in reference to the above mentioned, the dependent variable of the present in our case can be the social, economic environment and the sustainable or environmental development.

The amplitude of dependent variables must be considered (Pixabay)

Closing of the theme

The variables organizational culture, social and economic environment or sustainable development should be measured operationally, taking into consideration the determination of the dimensions and indicators oriented to the development of the objectives set in the company where the research is being carried out.

Key words: organizational, cultural, ideas, developing, research.


Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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