Agribusiness and business epistemological foundation

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Startup ideas

The present publication is focused on providing new knowledge on this debate that I have been raising in my previous publications, with the main objective of analyzing how the promotion of corporate social responsibility culture and the contribution to the realization of the strategic dimensions influence the results of agribusinesses located in developing countries.

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Thematic development

In previous contributions, I have emphasized that strategic dimensions with their respective social values, such as corporate social responsibility measures that include stakeholders, influence the productive performance of agribusiness.

As in the publications previously discussed, the content to be shared with all of you is of a descriptive nature, in the search for generating contributions, since in these entries I have considered socializing the theoretical bases, as well as the location of bibliography on agribusiness, for the purpose of reinforcing strategies and certain methodological implications that should be considered by agribusiness owners in developing countries.

According to the conceptual guidelines, it is understood that agribusinesses should seek to meet the needs of community members by adopting policies, making decisions and taking actions that benefit the people in society.

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Closing of the theme

The best way for agribusinesses located in developing countries to accept the challenge of understanding the historical vocation of social responsibility is to raise its epistemological foundation or origin, although it may seem paradoxical, in order to avoid fundamentalisms that hinder beliefs and radicalize perceptions, it is necessary to establish a foundation, that is, to know the foundations that come from analyzing the Why, what for?.

Key words: organizational, agribusiness, socially ethical development.


Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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