Picture of my laptop I need help to repair it

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Hi everyone one I didn't post yesterday because my laptop stop working I took it to repairs shop and he told me my mother board new fixing and it cost around 50$ in which I Don't have so think I will tell guy about it and I hope I make some money though this post and can repair my laptop
The problem of my laptop is when I push power button it show caps lock blinking one every 3 or 4 second and I searched online the say discharge you battery etc I try all then I see on how website that caps lock blinking once mean my CPU have problem so that's why I hope you guy can sell me some hive or just upvote me and it's totally up to you if you want to help me or not but I hope you so because I'm in bad situation right now
Peace to y'all


What happend ?

CPU problem

Sorry about the breakdown. Gave you a full upvote. I hope it goes a long way to help raise some funds for the repair.

All the help is appreciated

Any effect to keyboard operations? will it boot? Have you tried to boot into safe mode. Anything been spilt on it?

No boot only caps lock blinking and black screen

Well if it was me. I would open it up and check the components are seated right and no water damage or anything like that. But if you have gone the distance and researched it. The repair shop may be right. But then again $50 repair sounds awfully cheap for that type of fix. You can get laptops a dime a dozen now. I would consider replacing it. Sorry I couldn't be more help. without it physically here it's hard to determine the cause.

It's ok thanks for letting me know you care

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