IAAC # 101 creating a GIF on canva

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Hope everybody is doing great in their daily lives and enjoying it
Welcome Y'all to my Blog,
This is my #101 participation In.


Today I created a GIF on canva that you are seeing above I didn't spend much time on it.
I got the picture of the ebook and myself while adding a little text with animation and there you have it it was that easy.

I also bought some UTOPIS tokens and there are some tokens I just fund like PGM and ONEUP I got 50 PGM I NEED 100 PGM TO GIVE COMMAND AND SHARE SOME TO OTHERS LIKE ENGAGE ROKEN DOES

I am grateful to be alive peace @aiovo
The 4 points to join the #IAmAliveChallenge.

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz
Use #alive tag to post in We Are Alive Tribe and earn ALIVE tokens.


Hey there, please make sure you are utilizing the oneup tag only for NFT gaming related posts.



Yay! 🤗
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