What HiveBeepedia and Hive-References Needs To Do To Be My Go-To Resource?

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Earlier, I stumbled upon @magnacarta's post about the Hypothetical "Hivebeepedia." That article is a response to a conversation I didn't experience in the Leofinance community.


From my understanding, it argues that a large scale Wikipedia alternative is challenging to do on Hive, but small scale references are achievable and goes on many specifics, I encourage you to read it.

In that article @magnacarta asks:

Would the Hive-powered almanac be one you would use yourself as your go-to resource? What needs to happen to make it one?

This article is an expansion of my comment on answering that question:

To use Hive for any type of reference as my Go-to resource, I think these things need to happen: What HiveBeepedia and Hive-References Need To Do To Be My Go-To Resource?

  • They must be heavily hyperlinked. Look at Wikipedia for example, each page will take you to every related one.
  • They must have all the info on the same website/blockchain.
    • A piece of information that doesn't have place in one of the reference material pages, must have another page made for it on the same blockchain.
    • Information sources can be links to the outside. The source must be named in the page text.
  • Since a Blockchain can be slow sometimes, these references must be on an extremely fast interface.
  • I want to be able to easily link to the references:
    • Users must be able to see all the info without registering or paying.
    • The links for these references must be intuitive & standardized. Users should be able to predict the link URL just by knowing which information they want the reference for.
    • The interface must have a suitable search engine that doesn't need third-party involvement.
  • In case of DRAMA, each "side" should have their own page of the reference material.
    • These pages should be linked to each other but otherwise don't interact with each other.
    • That way, the reader can & should choose which "truth" they want to believe in.

These are just things I thought of, and I believe someone else on Hive can expand upon them.

As a user, if you want me to use a website like a reference it must be much easier to do than using Wikipedia. That's not an easy task, but I don't think it's impossible.

The article mentioned above made me think about which information I can make "reference book" pages for on this platform.

Thanks for reading.~


It seems in the information high tech space, at least the Developers are ready to let the Wikipedia.org page slowly die out. Good for us, it has lost a lot of its former appeal, trust, and usefulness.

Nowadays some of the Wikipedia pages are indeed outdated, but they have not lost their appeal, trust and usefulness. And do not forget the fact that anyone can edit the Wikipedia pages. So if you have new information about something, then feel free to edit the related Wikipedia page(s).

True, except for the page that are locked - and lots of them are.

It hasn't lost its usefulness nor appeal for me yet... I usually take information from Wikipedia that bias doesn't affect much, (historical facts, gaming/anime information, classical science,) but I understand why people don't like it anymore.


I'm double-checking everything, can't trust them anymore.

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