D.Buzz Microblogs: A Compilation for STEMGeeks [2021 Jan 15]

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D.Buzz is a #HIVE microblogging interface. It's a censorship-free twitter alternative/companion. The short messages incentivize users to put as much information in the least possible words number of words.

All of D.Buzz posts are short microblogs with a maximum of 280 characters per post. It's a HIVE-based Twitter. I read some of the posts on latest section. I filter them according to the niche & when I get enough articles, I compile them in a collection like this one.

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I wrote many compilations of dBuzz posts over the last month. This is the first #STEM focused compilation! Most of the niche ones were about #Finance. I've been trying different things in my last few compilations & and this is just another subtle idea I'm trying.

As usual: There's no minimum quality or standard for these posts. I found them informative or they stood-out to me in some way. I just found them interesting enough to compile together:

@holovision's Buzz [Link]

An interesting video about upcoming technologies. Probably optimistic on how soon certain technologies will emerge. It does indirectly raise a question: Who "declares" humanity officially to be a Type I civilization when that happens? [YouTube Video]

Some of the things in that video are amazing and others are terrifying! I hope they don't come true... I asked @holovision about "Type I Civilization" and their answer is:

Basically it's a planetary civilization that can use and store all available energy on its home planet that it receives from its parent star. Imagine the dayside of Earth fully covered in solar panels.

@podewils' Buzz [Link]

Astronomy Picture of the Day - 25 years ago: Lasers in Eta Carinae

Still wondering if this is hand-drawn or if that part of the space actually looks like this. I know some space Phenomenon looks water-colored so this being a photograph is not unbelievable.

@unklebonehead's Buzz [Link]

Well crap. Got home and ready to make some tutorials. Only to find my daughter has commandeered my studio to try being a vtuber. Lol. Gonna have to set her up her own damn stuido!

Read the comments on this. Looks like the girl would have a good future as a VTuber, and I can see the good parenting in his words~

@d-zero's Buzz [Link]

Riemann Hypothesis: Solve This Math Problem & Win $1 Million
Don't get your hopes up too fast. It's been around since 1859. World's best have failed so far. [Youtube Link]

Reiman hypothisis is related to prime numbers. They appear to appear randomly with no end. but this theory tries to pin-point where they appear. The video explains it and why proving it is important to the mathematics world at large. The explanation is so easy, it's terrifying how easily I can follow what he says!

Looking at all the prime numbers and how beautiful their patterns are, I'm just thinking "How amazing the creator of this universe must be!"

That's All Friends

This compilation is short compared to the ones before, but I wanted to post my first #STEM compilation as soon as possible. I did have a lot to say on the last one right? A math question that hasn't been solved for 158 years!

I'll leave you with that today! Wish you all productive time~