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Hey everyone! So it has been 13 days since my last update, and I have to say everything has at least doubled in size, except the Peppers. But I am starting to think that I totally misjudged the size of the Melons. But just like everything in life, I do my best learning by actually doing. That is is ok to take a L. Most people will call that a loss, but in reality the L is for lesson. Let's take a look...

As you can see I am started to outside the area I had planned to be growing in. So now I have been guiding the vines to go in an area where they will have plenty of room. Also I was thinking of what @riverflows said about shade. In this direction they will catch more shade due to the Jade Plants.

On the vines heading towards the other Melons, and in the Tomato area of the garden, I am utizling a technique that I learned by growing cannabis, Super Cropping. By pinching the run away vine, I will slow it down, and then divert the energy below the area I pinched. I just have to stay on top of it, because it will rebound fast, and cotinine to grow.

Here is another big Melon, along side one I planted later. I am wondering if I should just pull the smaller one up, and let the bigger one have more space to do it's thing?

They are starting to flower, and I am not even sure on how much more growth the vines will do once they begin to fruit. I am thinking they will grow a tad more, then focus their energy into producing big Melons:)

Still having issues with these! I can still not ever grow a pepper worth a damn. Go figure too, since this is really my favorite thing that I eat on a regular basis in life. At least the Jalapeno is looking good, or better then the other two.

To Tomatoes still have yet to be caged. I really need to stop prognosticating, and get this finished before it is to late.

Then the Glass Corn. I never grew any type of Corn in my life, so it is fun to see the stages they are going through. I can not wait to slap on some cheese, and Chile when these babies are done! If any of you have ever had Elote at the fair, or maybe from that lady in front of Wal-Mart, you know what's up ;)

Glad to see the Marigolds popping up. I threw some seeds down a few weeks ago, but since it is so dry most of them did not do so well. I should of started in some Solo Cups.

Compost still coming along, and still throwing out Watermelon seedlings!

So that is all for know. The Sunflowers, and the other Glass Corn are doing good too, but hopefully by next update I will have something more exciting to show. The weather has been getting normal again, with a few hot days, but now a bit over cast due to it being more hot inland. Which is the way I love it! So next goal is to have those darn Maters caged, and have a decision made about the smaller watermelon plant. Until then, everyone have a great Weekend!



For me, gardening used to be about cannabis. But in my garden \ balcony I can really enjoy the flowers and the colors. Must have something to do with age. I also enjoy the birds in my garden. I feed them all and they know it. they come back for it. good weekend friend

Yeah man its funny, I was on a hike with some friends, and me and this dude was talking on how much we enjoy things like birds now. Heck I even put up a humming bird feeder, and really love watching those things fly!

Well done. The veggies look amazing!

I hope to join you in growing but I am still preparing my ground for this.

Cool! Well when you do use the canna-curate tag so I can find it asap:)



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