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RE: Data Visualization for Hive Engagement League

My engagement is woefully down - look at you go! No suprise there - you are excellent at engaging and commenting. Peakd isn't working for me to comment at the moment, no idea why, so I've come over to Hive Blog and I'm kinda annoyed about it. How does this thing work lol? This data is interesting - you'll be giving @abh12345 a run for his money now! I also was guilty of powering down some, so I'd be suprised if I've not been booted off hte leagues entirely. Plus, you know, real life. There's been sooooo much to do round the property...


Yeah for sure! The biggest reason I’m able to get out there and get into the posts and stuff is because I’m working from home now. I don’t have to waste 3+ hours a day commuting so I spend that time commenting and looking for people when my wife and son are sleeping!

I use Ecency for 90% of my commenting, it’s a really handy app to have plus you get points which you can use to boost your posts and comments. Extra rewards are great!

You’re also running your project you started on your own, from scratch with the help of lots of excellent people. That itself is so important because it gives so many of us a home to talk and learn with other like-minded wonderful people!

Powering down is necessary sometimes, especially in crazy government times like this. I don’t fault you in the least!

I won’t be competing with Asher, I’ll be complimenting him, he’s providing the awesome data and I’m trying to transform it into cool visualizations. I think stuff like that can help people discover some of the awesome things we’ve got going on here!

I've never heard of Ecency! Have you got a link? Feeling so out of the loop these days lol!!


Don’t know if you use iOS or Android on your phone or if you just use desktop. I always use Ecency on my phone. They’ve got a pretty cool environment to look at.

It’s very easy to get out of the loop around here lol I’m normally out but since I get to spend more time in it, I’m in the loop on some things lately!

They used to be the eSteem app and group but renamed since we left Steem.

AH!!! I see. Why did they change their name? Oh I'm a dickhead. Because steem. Lol. Think first then type. I thought I'd leave my stupidity for you to enjoy.

Oh and I've been used my laptop at home. Out, I used to use Partiko or Esteem - but I stopped bothering as they never worked properly. This is great - thanks!