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RE: Data Visualization for Hive Engagement League

in Data Visualizationlast year

Nice information you got. Interesting but its unfortunate that i have zero knowledge about data. For the presearch, i used that before but kind of complicated to me so i gladly stopped. Peakd has a better features and advantages over hive, but i have no option but to switched back to Hive again since Peakd wasn't approving my network.
Hope you and your household are keeping safe😌


Thanks for stopping by and checking my post out! I appreciate it! Data is a lot of fun once you start to understand it but it does indeed take time!

It is unfortunate that you couldn’t use things like Presearch and PeakD. I would think that you could change your node on PeakD to get a better connection.

I explained the steps you need to take to do the node test to get your best connection.

What didn’t you like about Presearch? I’m just curious. I find it easy but I am hoping to help you as well to see if you can do it easier.

I will love to learn more about data but no individual to put me through here.
I noticed about the node but i have zero knowledge about that so in order to to avoid mistake, i gladly stopped further node setting.

Thanks for the link, i will check it out right now.

I would love to use presearch but until then, i will have adequate idea of if. And i haven't done any online transaction before, that would be complicating to me if i want to transfer my already made token to my local bank account. Smile my bad.