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RE: Data Visualization for Hive Engagement League

in Data Visualizationlast year (edited)

Thanks for checking my post out my friend! It will be great to do that, I will try to incorporate that into things I’m learning. With Asher’s great SQL skills, he can pull data pretty easily so I think once I get better at it, I’ll be able to do a lot more.

I am competitive when it comes to things like this where lots of people benefit! The more we get out there and spread out our comments and positive experiences with people, word spreads and the hive community grows very well.



Agreed. And, receiving comments also validate the fact that people are actually reading your posts and engaging. That excites me in knowing I am adding value and contributing :)

For sure! I love getting and giving comments. It really promotes and helps keep people going. Votes are great but if you get no interaction it’s almost like posting a single picture just to get money.