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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I am publishing my first Data Visualization (Data Viz for short, so you can be one of the cool kids who knows what that is now!) project to have fun and get better at learning Tableau first, then move over to Excel at a later point. I've done a decent amount with Excel for it but Tableau I am still fairly new at so let's give it a shot!


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Dusting the Rust

So the visualization component isn't going as smoothly as I was hoping but that's okay with me! Learning this stuff is all part of the fun in my opinion. I've spent the better part of the day trying to massage these numbers and charts into usable, interesting looking data. It's not been very successful but I honestly haven't touched Tableau since about March so I'm not too surprised! I apologize if it looks like crap, I wasn't hoping for a rough start but gotta roll with the punches lol

I am trying to make the data look organized and nice with some good bars but here is a sample from week 22. We can see that Mary really stole the show that week as far as the number of comments! What I also wanted to highlight in a cool stacked bar is the difference between the number of comments and the number of unique people spoken to. Mary is obviously doing a great job but some others were able to reach out to a heck of a lot of people and still get pretty good rankings in the league!


So this was my attempt to get the data above to work the way I want. You can see there are stacks of colors under each persons name. The data behind it isn't behaving properly just yet but that's the fun (and frustration) of learning this stuff. Having something you want to achieve is a lot better than playing around with fake data that you don't really know how it should look. I can tell that for example, my comments section is definitely not 400 for the 8 weeks that I have in the data!



One of the things I would like to try and do is to work on getting some trend data. Asher has been great to highlight at the end of his data segments the total number of votes, self votes, accounts and posts in each one. That's pretty cool to see and I wanted to put that into some trend timelines. I can't yet figure out why Tableau is combining two of my data points to make one really annoying data point but I will figure that out.


These are the data points that keep getting combined despite my best efforts to stop that.


Now for another measure, Accounts versus Number of Posts


I just want to give a big thank you and shoutout to @abh12345 for the data for this! It was a huge help to get the Excel file of it rather than trying to jot the numbers down from the screenshots.

The last one I did for now is Comments versus Posts


Some of the things we worked on in my Tableau class were pretty cool, we did things like this chart below. Lots of cool measures and different complexities to the data viz style there. I hope to get there with my Hive data someday! It just takes one step at a time..


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Learning something new can be challenging. I am tempted to learn python right now..

This is progress

Yeah that would be awesome! I was looking at python to learn last year and was making some progress on it but got side tracked with some other stuff and now I’m learning SQL and tableau so I’m a bit jammed but I love having things to learn!

Appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a nice comment!


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@creativemary takes engagement to a whole new level lol too the moon with you. Look at you deep diving into data and whatnot, HIVE data scientist here we come

I would love to eventually do data science stuff. I’ve been interested in that for over a year so hopefully I can get into doing it with hive. The biggest challenge sometimes is getting data you understand when you’re learning. I can take government data and manipulate it and shit but unless I know what I’m looking at to see if it’s correct, I wouldn’t notice something like what I did here where 2 weeks of data were getting pumped into one. Learning the ropes with hive data will be great since I can spot mistakes like that.

I love it, I mostly look at marketing data and trying to blend data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google analytics into one flow so I know how painful it can be but once you get it right its super-powerful, companies pay you good money to set it up for them

This is amazing. It will be super easy to look at those numbers coded in different colors. I am not asking but it would be awesome if there was a functionality where we can compare our account with the top ten leaders or with any other user account to compare the engagement. After all it's a League and I am competitive ( positive reenforcement of course) 😇

Thanks for checking my post out my friend! It will be great to do that, I will try to incorporate that into things I’m learning. With Asher’s great SQL skills, he can pull data pretty easily so I think once I get better at it, I’ll be able to do a lot more.

I am competitive when it comes to things like this where lots of people benefit! The more we get out there and spread out our comments and positive experiences with people, word spreads and the hive community grows very well.


Agreed. And, receiving comments also validate the fact that people are actually reading your posts and engaging. That excites me in knowing I am adding value and contributing :)

For sure! I love getting and giving comments. It really promotes and helps keep people going. Votes are great but if you get no interaction it’s almost like posting a single picture just to get money.

How fun to see this! It will be very interesting to see what else you are able to do with this data! ❤️

Thanks for checking my post out and leaving me a nice comment, I appreciate it!

I’m having a lot of fun doing this, I just need to practice and work out the kinks, just like anything we are new to doing. I think using tableau, the visualization software, will be really fun and great experience. A lot of the university masters programs are including entire classes on tableau so I think it’s going to be used more in the future!

My engagement is woefully down - look at you go! No suprise there - you are excellent at engaging and commenting. Peakd isn't working for me to comment at the moment, no idea why, so I've come over to Hive Blog and I'm kinda annoyed about it. How does this thing work lol? This data is interesting - you'll be giving @abh12345 a run for his money now! I also was guilty of powering down some, so I'd be suprised if I've not been booted off hte leagues entirely. Plus, you know, real life. There's been sooooo much to do round the property...

Yeah for sure! The biggest reason I’m able to get out there and get into the posts and stuff is because I’m working from home now. I don’t have to waste 3+ hours a day commuting so I spend that time commenting and looking for people when my wife and son are sleeping!

I use Ecency for 90% of my commenting, it’s a really handy app to have plus you get points which you can use to boost your posts and comments. Extra rewards are great!

You’re also running your project you started on your own, from scratch with the help of lots of excellent people. That itself is so important because it gives so many of us a home to talk and learn with other like-minded wonderful people!

Powering down is necessary sometimes, especially in crazy government times like this. I don’t fault you in the least!

I won’t be competing with Asher, I’ll be complimenting him, he’s providing the awesome data and I’m trying to transform it into cool visualizations. I think stuff like that can help people discover some of the awesome things we’ve got going on here!

I've never heard of Ecency! Have you got a link? Feeling so out of the loop these days lol!!


Don’t know if you use iOS or Android on your phone or if you just use desktop. I always use Ecency on my phone. They’ve got a pretty cool environment to look at.

It’s very easy to get out of the loop around here lol I’m normally out but since I get to spend more time in it, I’m in the loop on some things lately!

They used to be the eSteem app and group but renamed since we left Steem.

AH!!! I see. Why did they change their name? Oh I'm a dickhead. Because steem. Lol. Think first then type. I thought I'd leave my stupidity for you to enjoy.

Oh and I've been used my laptop at home. Out, I used to use Partiko or Esteem - but I stopped bothering as they never worked properly. This is great - thanks!

Thanks for choosing the EL data to play with :)

I bet this took some time, even though you aren't totally happy with the results as yet.

If you need some other data from hiveSQL I should be able to get you an export.

Good luck on the course!

Thanks my friend! I think one of the best ways we can show some progress we’ve made in a cool, complimentary way to the engagement league, is to show it in some cool graphs, charts and lines. I’ll be playing with the data quite a bit over the next couple weeks and share my techniques here.

Really appreciate the data that you gave me! It’s excellent in the engagement league but even better getting the file itself!

My pleasure thanks again for doing some analysis :)


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hello dear friend @cmplxty good night
I loved your dynamic table in colors, I really appreciate the information you give us. great job.
Have a wonderful night

Thanks for checking out my post! I like doing this type of stuff, it’s kind of like my own form of art!

You have nothing to thank dear friend @cmplxty, in any case, we are grateful for the information you give us.
have a wonderful day

Have always been using peakd . i fins the stats great and insightful,

Thanks for checking out my post! I think PeakD does an awesome job at their analytics! It’s helped me a lot in understanding some components of my account!

love this visualisation

Mary is obviously doing a great job

Thanks for checking it out my friend! If I can get the data to not combine together in strange ways, you’ll see how crazy Mary’s comment game is lol she rocks!

Nice information you got. Interesting but its unfortunate that i have zero knowledge about data. For the presearch, i used that before but kind of complicated to me so i gladly stopped. Peakd has a better features and advantages over hive, but i have no option but to switched back to Hive again since Peakd wasn't approving my network.
Hope you and your household are keeping safe😌

Thanks for stopping by and checking my post out! I appreciate it! Data is a lot of fun once you start to understand it but it does indeed take time!

It is unfortunate that you couldn’t use things like Presearch and PeakD. I would think that you could change your node on PeakD to get a better connection.

I explained the steps you need to take to do the node test to get your best connection.

What didn’t you like about Presearch? I’m just curious. I find it easy but I am hoping to help you as well to see if you can do it easier.

I will love to learn more about data but no individual to put me through here.
I noticed about the node but i have zero knowledge about that so in order to to avoid mistake, i gladly stopped further node setting.

Thanks for the link, i will check it out right now.

I would love to use presearch but until then, i will have adequate idea of if. And i haven't done any online transaction before, that would be complicating to me if i want to transfer my already made token to my local bank account. Smile my bad.