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RE: Data Visualization for Hive Engagement League

@creativemary takes engagement to a whole new level lol too the moon with you. Look at you deep diving into data and whatnot, HIVE data scientist here we come


I would love to eventually do data science stuff. I’ve been interested in that for over a year so hopefully I can get into doing it with hive. The biggest challenge sometimes is getting data you understand when you’re learning. I can take government data and manipulate it and shit but unless I know what I’m looking at to see if it’s correct, I wouldn’t notice something like what I did here where 2 weeks of data were getting pumped into one. Learning the ropes with hive data will be great since I can spot mistakes like that.

I love it, I mostly look at marketing data and trying to blend data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google analytics into one flow so I know how painful it can be but once you get it right its super-powerful, companies pay you good money to set it up for them