My entry to the Around the world challenge #8/3

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G'day Hive!

It's been a minute since I have posted to hive due to the roller-coaster that life is!
Work has been extremely busy, and the little man is growing up super fast. And I have just recovered from covid.

None the less I'm back! And here is my entry to @bucipuci Around the world challenge #8/3
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The road to O'reillys QLD Australia.

I took this shot on our way up the mountains to a beautiful place called O'reillys in the Gold Coast hinterland in the Lamington National Park.

The road to the top of the mountain weaves its way through the trees and makes for a nice and relaxing drive.

I really do love the forest!

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I hope everything is fine with you now.

The forest is my second home. That's why I'm glad to see your contribution to the contest :-)
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Cheers mate, the covid knocked me around a bit, but I'm better now 😊

The forest is the best!


Would love to get back to the forest again!... sure has been alot happening lately 🤪 !LOLZ

Where should you go in the room if you’re feeling cold?
The corner—they’re usually 90 degrees.

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It's always a great time exploring the forest!

If it wasn't for window blinds...
It'd be curtains for all us.

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Thank you 🙌