My entry to Deranged Photography Contest - Pets

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Hi guys,
This is my first post on Liketu :)
And here is my entry to @derangedvisions - Deranged Photography contest subject PETS.

This is my best mate Zeus!!

Zeus is half cattle dog and half staffy and is nearly 15 years old. Proving to be the Keith Richards of the dog world haha

I got the camera out today and with the help of @terrybogan blowing some bubble, we wanted to see what his reactions would be.....
Turns out he had no idea what to make of them..... to be honest I'm not to sure if he could actually see them.... haha

I think he was more interested in the treats that we used to get his attention towards the camera.

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Ahhhhhh Zeusy boy ❤! Hates to get his photo taken but is just so damn photogenic 🐶😍 !LOLZ

Haha he sure is very photogenic. But it's always a mission to get a good shot of him.

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Oh my, Zeus. Glad he is still a happy pup. So cute, no matter if he saw them 😂 . What's up in Australia? Still flooded?

Zeus is always a happy guy 😊 the water down here has all washed away where we are. Pretty crazy times indeed.

15 and counting. Joy is 9 now and since I lost Molly with 8 I'm grateful for every day. Crazy times...for sure. Everyone facing crazy shit. Glad you guys seem to have made it through it rather good.

Great to hear Joy is doing well😊
The world has gone mad that's for sure!

Your dog seems a bit aggressive :)

Haha Zeus was a bit crazy when he was younger. Now he is super chilled.

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he is so cute. looks happy, must have had a great life so far :)

Zeus is always happy, he puts a smile on my face everyday 😊

What a cute little guy. I had a dog named Zeus, but he was a massive Doberman. He was such a gentle soul. Thanks for participating in the contest.

Great name choice! My Zeus has chilled out alot now he has gotten older 😊