My entry to Around The World challenge number 9/3

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Here is my entry to @bucipuci Around the world challenge number #9/3.

More info about the challenge right here.

This week I would like to share a shot I took of the famous Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu Northern Territory Australia.

After spending a week exploring Arnhem land AKA Kakadu we thought let's check it out from the sky! As there are light plane tours that fly you over kakadu.
Which make for a completely different view of the mountain ranges especially the water falls!
As Jim Jim falls is the most well known falls of the area, it was truly breath taking seeing it from the sky.

For the best experience view this post on Liketu


Wow amazing... One day I'd like to go. My husband's name is Jamie or Jim so of course we must get a photo of him next to a sign that says Jim Jim falls ahaha

Haha definitely have to make that photo happen! Kakadu is a great place to explore you will live it!

Beautiful shots

You probably couldn't take a picture of this from the ground. It's an impressive sight :-)
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