My entry to Around the world challenge number 19/4

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G'day hive here is my entry to @bucipuci around the world challenge number 19/4.
More info about the contest right here -

This week I would like to share a shot I took of the Boars head at Boars head look out in the Blue Mountains in New South Whales Australia.

The sun was setting and golden hour was in full effect. The Boars head was lit up beautifully!!

The Boars head or pigs head is the rock formation in the middle, you definitely have to use your imagination haha we were discussing if the head was looking away to the right or if the head was looking directly at us?????

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In a little while, thanks to you, we will know almost the entire Blue Mountains :-).
Interesting rock. At first glance, I see it as a devil with a tongue out. Perhaps from a different point of view, a pig's or boar's head could be seen in it :-).
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The blue mountains area is HUGE!! We only got to see a little bit of it but the parts we did see was amazing!!
This is definitely an interesting rock.

Thanks for the preview :-)

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Awesome entry