My entry to Around The World challenge number #11/3

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G'day Hive,
Here is my entry to @bucipuci around the world contest #11/3.
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This week I would like to share a photo I took while we stayed at my father in laws house at Kirra Beach in Queensland Australia.

It's the middle of winter here and lucky enough my father in law had a spare wetsuit so we could catch a couple of chilled waves. The surf was perfect for the long boards.

So after a surf I headed back to grab my camera and get a shot of some of the waves coming in at Kirra Beach.

It's a unique view at the point of Kirra. As the waves come in, the gold coast sets for a perfect back drop off in the distance.

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So I found Kirra on the map. But I can't figure out where the tall buildings are in the background of the photo :-)
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The buildings in the background is surfers paradise and the Gold Coast skyline.

Thanks for the clarification. Yesterday I thought about it a bit and today thanks to you I am clear :-)