My entry to Around the world challenge 44/3

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G'day hive,
Here is my entry to @bucipuci around the world challenge number 44/3 more info about the challenge right here

This week we are back on Kangaroo island in South Australia with my favourite place to explore on the island.... Kelly Hill caves.

This cave system beneath Kelly Hill is just amazing!!
Crawling through tight gaps which open up to these breath taking cavities with stalagmites and stalactites makes for the perfect adventure below ground! And also makes for some great shots.
Just not the best adventure if you are claustrophobic.

For the best experience view this post on Liketu


@tipu curate

Thank you very much 🙌

Looking forward to see kangaroo pics! 🇦🇺🌏

Kangaroos are the best !LUV

Thanks for that token! Where can I find that, in my wallet?

It will be in your hive engine wallet 🙂
Here's another one for you !LOLZ

To the person who stole my copy of Microsoft Office
I will find you. You have my word.

Credit: lofone
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Oh sorry I'm such a noob hahahah. I will try to check it,where can I find that hive engine wallet?

Not a problem, if you use as your hive front end you can check your hive engine wallet in the wallet section.

Okay thank you so much for the helpful answer. Really appreciate it!

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Thank you very much 🤙🤙

No kangaroo again :-).
But the stalactites will fully make up for it :-)
using #aroundtheworld

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Haha still no kangaroos 🙂 This cave was a lot of fun to explore !

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I like to believe you. We also have some karst caves in Bohemia, but I don't think any are as big as the one in your photo.

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