The wedding dream // AI make it possible

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Greeting everyone ,

How are you i hope you have a great day today that better than yesterday.


Yes , this is kind of wedding that i really want to shoot . I was imagine if i can shoot in this vibes , i can say that this is the best ever wedding that i take but since i havent yet got any job like this so i just can imagine that i shoot this kind of wedding in my imagination.


Recently i have been addicted playing around with the AI generator that make the imagination come try with imagination . They say imagination is the limit , as long you can describe it , the AI generator try to generate the idea for you.


The AI makes the picture become possible , it was scary but make me excited in same time . This result the addiction of me keep tying to bringing the imagination come alive . This is piece of art that being generate by AI with im taking part for the imagination of my wedding dream job.

I hope you like it . You should try it , it was fun . See you in next post .

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Woahhhh!!!! This is awesome 🤩👍👍👍

bahaya ni barang hoho

Nice ones.

Thanks for stop by . ;).

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thanks so much @diyhub

They look great, which IA do you use?

I use midjourney ;).