Making Cannabis Tincture - MCT OIL

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Making Own Tincture

When it comes to growing your own cannabis You always find that you have lots of cannabis or just stuff that is not the best to smoke like bottoms or just shake that is off the buds in jars so what do you do with it?

While let me tell you you have so many options from well smoking it, to eating it, to making coconut oil, or while "tincture". So like I said in the CBN post, not all tinctures are made with alcohol. I mean I would love to make mine with tincture but let's be honest I live in Canada and they make it hard as fuck to get a high % that is needed. I think we can maybe find 40% but it is hard to come to buy.
So that means I am left with other options like MCT coconut oil to make my tincture.


The steps are actually pretty easy and I will list them below

  1. Take and decarb your cannabis, This is done by setting your oven to 170-200, I like low and slow decarb over fast. I want to activate the THC not degrade it. So I use 170f for 40 Mins. You will want to stir or flip the cannabis every 10-15 mins.
  2. While the cannabis is decarbing you will want to start your slow cooker and set it to high, We are trying to get the water between 170-180f. I was not able to get mine quite at 170f but as close as you can is best but don't go over as you will degrade the cannabis. You want enough water to cover the whole jar
  3. Once this is a brown color and you did the amount of time you will want to take the cannabis and put it in mason jars that are clean. You can make them as strong as you want but I used 4 grams for 1/4 cup of MCT oil.
  4. The next step is to have a towel or cloth on the bottom of the slow cooker. This will stop the bottom of the jar from heating up. You will now place the jars in the water, I had to place something that was heat resistant to the top of the water to stop the jars from floating around. This is pretty common I guess.
  5. This will stay in the water for 4 hours if you can hit 170f but I was not able to really get past 160f so I left mine for 5 hours.
  6. After this you will want to take the jars from the water and place them on a cutting board or something to let them cool off.'
  7. after they have cooled off you can now strain them, This can be done with a coffee filter, cheesecloth, or a small strainer. I used a coffee filter as they compost easy and they get the finest particles.
  8. I strain mine into a mason jar before putting them in the jars that are for tinctures.
    It is hard to know the correct % when we use homegrown cannabis, But I avg my cannabis at likely 15% so I use this Calculator when I make anything with cannabis.

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Nice guide - thank you for that!

Just as a personal preference: I think your post might be even better if every steps would be written below the respective photo. But as I mentioned, this is only my personal point of view 😇

Keep HIVING! ❤️

I thought it would be alright if I put photos in order but You are right, I should have written on a regular blog and not liketu. Maybe soon they allow photos to go into different spots on the post.

Thanks for stopping by, Might do a reupload and decline rewards and link to this


 last year (edited)

It's allright at all - but I think it could be even clearer in this way 🙏
I haven't heard about liketu at all - will take a look into this - thanks!

No need to decline rewards or repost it - you can edit the post afterwards with another frontend (; PeakD; Ecency) and re-sort the different pictures/texts by simply cutting them and pasting them (the pictures should be stated as links) into the right place 😊

I hope you understand how I mean this - my english is not the best ..

And thanks for that pizza bud!

You can't find alcohol above 40%? That sucks. I'm going to have to give this a try. I have so much material it's crazy!

Yeah not really, If your Lucky you might be able to but mostly find people with grand parents who make moonshine but that's hard to find for me now.


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