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Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

-- Marie Curie

About the Quote

When we fear something, we become irrational. When we're irrational, we don't think clearly. When we don't think clearly, we end up making bad choices and decisions. That opens us to the more negative aspects of our human natures. Along ther way we waste both time and energy which we will never get back.

Instead of fearing something-- especially when it's the unknown-- we should study it on its own terms, if only to figure out why we had that fear of it. Once we understand something, we can act accordingly, even if it is to have a healthy fear of it rather than a fear which paralyzes us from taking action. After all, how else could people study sharks and poisonous snakes?

Some Information about Marie Curie

Maria Salomea Skłodowska was born in Warsaw, Congress Kingdom of Poland, Russian Empire on 1867-November-7. She died near Sallanches, France on 1934-July-4.

Better known to the world as Marie Curie, she was a scientist, physicist, and chemist. In 1903 she shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Henri Becquerel and Pierre Curie (her husband). In 1911 she was the sole winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Going back to childhood, Maria Skłodowska had a memory which was both photographic and voluminous. She won a gold medal on completing her secondary education at the Russian lycée in Warsaw.

Due to investments by her father bad enough to deplete the family's savings, she found work as a teacher. She also took part, clandestinely, in the nationalist "free university"; she would read in Polish to the women workers there.

At 18, Maria Skłodowska found work as a governess. For personal reasons this job did not end well for her.

In 1891 she went to Paris, where she started calling herself Marie. She followed lectures at the Sorbonne from some of the leading scientists and physicists (among them Paul Appell, Gabriel Lippmann, and Edmond Bouty; as well as Jean Perrin, Charles Maurain, and Aimé Cotton). In 1894 she would meet Pierre Curie, and in 1895 Marie Skłodowska married Pierre Curie and became Marie Curie.

-- Source

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