Visiting A Technology Hub For The First Time

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A while back, a technology hub was opened in my hometown in Bayelsa Nigeria, it was such a great idea since tech has been booming not only in Nigeria but all over the world.

The tech hub is privately owned, but has a bit of funding from the government of my state and its main purpose is to teach the young people of the state and drive them towards technology.

Recently, I have been exploring a lot around my career and I decided that I would love to learn a tech skill so I called up a few of my friends that teach in the tech hub and they told me to come over to discuss my plans moving forward.

On getting there, I was actually pleased with the setup and everything in the tech hub, especially since there isn't a place like this in my state.

I had a fun time learning, exploring, and deciding which field I might dive into and I can say visiting this hub played a huge difference in my decision.

I do hope that in time to come, I'll get to go back there and probably even teach other students because my friend feels like I would do great in this new field.

What do you think about this tech hub? And do you have somewhere like this in your state or country?


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The setting looks super cool. Learning will be fun in an environment like this.

It is fun and you get free wifi


It's really nice to have some thing like this in Bayelsa state.

It is indeed.

This hub looks so cool and have never seen anything like this before.
Will be nice and fun to get to visit one.

Maybe you could visit when you are in PH or something.

Dat would be fun..
I would love to

Till then, hopefully I haven't left Bayelsa

OK dearie..

You look very cool. I like it 😎

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Thank you.