Black & White Themed: 🖤 🤍 Gadget Photography

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I've been taking a couple of black and white photographs lately, but I decided to take some gadget-themed photographs this time around. I'm a fan of gadgets and when I say gadgets I'm categorically referring to phones, computers, laptops, TV, keep keyboards, the internet and so on.

The models in the pictures are @ennyholar on Instagram and @maryjacy on Hive. So before I went ahead to take the pictures, I was imagining how our lives would be without tech, the sort of limitedness we might experience or go through, due to the inability to enjoy the vast enablements of science and technology.

On the other hand, this made me imagine how far we've come as a race and how we've made our lives better, prolonged, educative, informative, and colorful simply by creating better ways to thrive. I feel that sophistication has affected the lives of people more positively than we can ever imagine, due to the tools of accessibility to the internet, people can build a business, establish relationships beyond their geographical location, learn digital skills and keep in contact with the rest of the world from one certain point.

A camera for example is a piece of tech that's used for creative expression, education, and entertainment and a tool for historical preservation. If we take a look at how it's helped in preserving pictorial knowledge, we'd understand how far it goes to helping educational processes. Techs and their sophistication are how we know that we're leaving one generation to another. The easier we attain better clarity shows the passage of time and how we manage to improve on the flaws that are constantly present in a bid to attain perfection.

Sometimes, I wonder if we're becoming too addicted to the "ease" and if this is necessarily a good or bad thing. What if we experience a post-apocalyptic situation where tech stops working, will the human race survive or find better ways to thrive? This is rhetorical. First I don't see any reason why we shouldn't get comfortable with acclimatizing ourselves to ease. The reason is that living a comfortable life forestalls substantial living, promotes quality of life, and helps facilitate a better life in general.

What Is Your Aesthetical Impression?

In this picture, the concept was to picture or portray certain human dependability on technology and gadgets. How we've come to depend on tech to run our lives and become part of the most intricate aspect of our private lives, how we Often seek solace on tech rather than bonding with our fellow humans, and the psychological effect this has on our interactivity with our physical environment. With this in my mind, I tried to picture how we see the inevitability of tech in our lives.

The pictures were meant to portray a closeness that we often establish with our devices even in the darkest of situations especially when we find it difficult to be reliant on our fellow humans for support, care, and valuation. What did you personally feel, looking at these pictures?

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It's a thing of beauty. A necessary evil so to speak.

The tool meant to make life easier becomes the addiction. Ironic 😅

Well, life is meant to be ironic, establishing a balance is often difficult. I use to feel that tech is as bad as it's good and this is because everything wey dey sweet get side effect.


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Thanks a lot, I'm grateful.