Technological memories of the past.

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A few years ago -not so many- I bought this splendid Mustek DV535A 5MP Camcorder.

At that time cell phone cameras had low resolution for images and this machine allowed me to take photos and record videos -at that time- of remarkable quality.

When I see the videos and photos that can be made and taken from modern cell phones I truly realize the tremendous advance of technology.

The features were these:
Video capture resolution: 5 MP
Multifunctional 5MP 6-in1 digital video camera with 2.4 inch LCD
Still image, voice recording, MP3 playback, card reader and PVR functionality
Seamless 8x digital zoom, digital effects and direct print function
32MB internal memory and SD/MMC card slot
Pocket-sized design and user friendly control panel

A real gem. Today it is almost a me
See you next time!

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For the technical detail of the photos I have used as background the Wallpaper designed by The Peak Studio to whom I thank for the kind and disinterested concession of use.

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