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RE: A cockroache? (EN) / Uma barata? (PT-BR)

in Liketu8 months ago


I was kinda grossed out by these pictures if I'm honest. I'm a lover of nature but being said, a pest is a pest, and disease is disease. I'd rather not have cockroaches around me, or see them enlarged in blurry photos either.

Absolutely go ahead and share anything you like. The shock factor is definitely there, but I would hope you can find better things to "go take pictures to post on liketu" cause this is a firm 1/10


I did not understand your comment. If it is a decentralized network and does not violate consent terms, it is surprising to read a review in this tone. My posts are about animals and nature. Education about nature, living together, learning about scientific names. Anyway thanks, good luck.

It's decentralized! And i'm not making up any rules about what people can or cannot post. As a matter of fact, you'll find my ideology to be very liberal and I welcome short form posts. Go elsewhere with this and you might find some nasty hammers coming down.

I just expressed that I don't like cockroaches, and seeing them doesn't inspire me to like the post very much. It's literally nothing personal, it's just a reaction to what's in your post. I'm sure you have other things I like.


I don't like that ugly beast either!

I'll post a cute animal for you!😁

Take the opportunity to say that the application is incredible. I think I was missing an application like this in hive. I wish you good luck. Thanks for the upvotes. 👍✌️